Horse breeding

Horse breeding and caring at Mihara Horses

Welcome to the Mihara Horse site. Being experienced in horse breeding, we created our platform to bring you our help with the training, care, breeding and everything you need regarding your horse. We welcome you in an exceptional setting with convenient amenities upscale and modern.

Our objective

It is on the hectares of rolling meadows and enclosed we raise our horses. Our primary goal is to bring you all our knowledge on the subject and help you improve your skills in training your pet. Raising a horse is actually not an easy task. He must take care and ensure that it is still in very good health.

As true professionals in breeding and riding, we offer a wide selection of horses from our breeding or carefully selected according to strict criteria of behavior, ability caractière but also without forgetting the leisure and competition .

Quality of service

When you have a horse, the most important is to earn his respect and trust. With us you will be able to learn how to establish a strong bond with your pet and create complicity. In case of illness, we can also help you if your horse suffers any disease. We have at our disposal a state certified veterinarian to help you in an emergency.

We offer top quality services and always are at your disposal for any request, suggestion, complaint, criticism, opinions. If you need advice on your purchase for your future work horse according to your riding or your target level for training for care, you can trust us and contact us at any time.

For pension horses, we offer you several options tailored to your needs and your budget in a large barn where they feel at home. You can be sure that your horse will live in comfort.

The site

On our site you can follow all equine news, horse for sale offers, competitions, breeding, care, dressage, useful links, equipment sales and other shops.